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Faith Horst is an eighteen-year-old illustrator and artist from Lancaster, PA. Faith loves reading, playing the guitar, doing outdoor activities, hanging out with school and church friends, and, of course, creating artwork. Her first memory of painting was at around age five, with her dad, making “tulidoops”! As she grew up, she developed her love for painting and drawing. Her very supportive family supplied resources and encouraged her to pursue her passion seriously. She started her business in art at the age of sixteen, when friends and family hired her to paint paintings. Later, Susan Hall and Alison Horst, whom she knew through her high school, approached her to share their ideas for what would later become Charger Finds a Home. Although Faith is a cat person, she loved working with the authors and creating watercolor illustrations of the beautiful, fluffy, and ever-so-charming Bernese Mountain Dog, Charger.



Alison Horst has always had a love for children’s literature. She has a vivid memory of a children’s book author visiting her elementary school when she was in second grade and she still has the autographed book that she received from him that day. Her love for children’s literature increased through the years she worked as a second grade teacher. Charger Finds a Home is the first book she has written. She looks forward to discovering more adventures with Charger. Alison lives with her husband and two daughters in Lancaster, PA—not too far away from Charger’s real home. 




Charger and his handler, Susan Hall, live in Lancaster, PA. As a Grand Champion, Charger spent many years competing around the country. He earned numerous awards and accolades in disciplines such as drafting and herding, and he is a Canine Good Citizen.


Charger now spends his days with Susan visiting schools and nursing homes as a KPETS therapy dog. He loves to listen to children read to him, bring smiles to elderly patients, and get belly rubs everywhere he goes. When he’s not working, Charger enjoys spending time by the water in Sarasota, FL, with his family.

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